Users can Stake KingSwap NFTs to earn higher yields and limited-edition digital collectibles, tradable on OpenSea and Rarible

KingSwap’s new NFT staking program allows users to stake their King, Queen, or Knight NFTs for a set period of 3, 6, 12, 24, or 48 months, similar to a bank’s Certificate of Deposit. For a 12 month commitment, investors earn 60% APY for staking a Knight NFT (worth 10,000 $KING tokens), 80% APY for staking a Queen NFT (worth 100,000 $KING tokens), and 100% APY for staking a King NFT (worth 1 million $KING tokens).

Holders can also stake their NFTs…

AGOV Amazing Airdrop
Airdrop Amount: Total 300,000 AGOV
Period: November 27th — December 4th
For more information, visit

1st Airdrop: 100 AGOV per person
Sign up for AGOV Telegram and leave a greeting.
Submit your Telegram account and ETH wallet via Google form.
You must remain in the room until the airdrop is paid.

2nd Airdrop: up to 300 AGOV per person
Invite your friends to AGOV Telegram.
When you invite a friend, the inviter gets 100 AGOV.
You can invite up to 3 people and receive up to 300 AGOV.
Invited friend also receive 100 AGOV.
Submit your Telegram account and ETH wallet…

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